YAWL Enviroment


PERIKLES is a research initiative by Gecko GmbH and its partners with the goal to add Business Process Management technology to core value adding clinical processes. For this purpose YAWL was used to add Workflow functionality and enhanced with scheduling functionalities, data integration capabilities, context-awareness,  and auto identification sensor technology.

The Project has resulted in a clinically deployed prototype, that has been used in a german partner hospital.

The following picture shows a surgical process, which is supported by YAWL's workflow capabilities:

How to backup a running YAWL system?

YAWL is build out of several independent web services. The two most important web services of a YAWL system are the YAWL Engine, responsible for actual workflow execution and state management, and the YAWL Resource Service, that manages information about the organisation (participants, roles, positions, etc.) and stores the work queues for each participant.

Drei Dinge braucht der Mann: three things to build a YAWL Workflow

We think that YAWL is well suited for modelling processes by rapid prototyping.
If the processes to be modelled can be automated by a workflow management system it is a good idea to use YAWL in the requirements analysis phase.
We briefly show how to proceed.

YAC’s offline capabilities and resulting problems

YAC, being a mobile application, needs to connect to the YAWL engine. Since one cannot rely on having a constant internet or network connection, YAC can work in an offline or asynchronous mode. While this feature is necessary, it also causes problems when considering the way YAWL works. Problems considering the offline mode will be presented in this article. A discussion is most welcome!